Sell smarter. Let AI do the work.

T4MP uses cutting edge technology to simplify products data management and get insights to boost sales.

Say goodbye to the days of preparing your products and go to market 10x faster.

When you handle thousands of SKUs feed management system is not enough.  

What we do

Product preparing

Find best matching category and fill out product card

Sale Recommendations

Boost your sales with AI assistant


Chatbot for


Custom Development

You have a task we're here to offer a solution

Product preparation

We know how strained can be feed optimization so we develop game-changer AI technology for product categorization and filling out product cards. 

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Our algorithm works better than human. T4MP accuracy is 95%*.

Reduce feed preparation time for sale channels more than 10x than manual work.

Improve search relevance and boost sales with correct categorization and accurately filled out product cards.

* average value for our typical clients

Sale recommendation

Get insights from our AI assistant

Assistant analyses huge amount of data and knows exactly what to do to sell products better. 

✔️ Image quality

Customers love with eyes so product images are principal. Our assistant knows how they should look like. It not only detects bad quality images but transforms them.  

✔️ Rich content 

You win when you have more information than your competitor. Let assistant help you to fill out complete content for your products.

✔️ Keywords 

Assistant knows what people are looking for on marketplaces and helps you tag your products for better search relevance. Let your products be on top.


Keep your customers satisfied

Manage all of the chats with customers from different channels in one place and never miss a piece. 

Let our AI assistant answer common questions so you

can focus on complicated issues. 

Keep your customers updated with order status, current sales and recommendations.

We analyze customer’s messages and understand their mood so you’re always aware if something is wrong.

What it solves

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Live chat customer support can be expensive, monotonous and taking considerable time

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A Chatbot eliminates waiting

time – customers get instant and consistent answers


A Chatbot is a perfect AI solution for your business. It has 24-hour availability and

endless patience to satisfy your customers. Thanks to a chatbot you save costs, increase customer interaction and gain a deeper understanding of your clients.

Custom development

We're ready for new challenges