Dialogue is the main form of communication

What it does

Can interact with customers through chat to assist them with finding the right products with quizzes, questions and promotions

Helps automate repetitive and time consuming tasks in sales, marketing and customer support

Ensures that your business can provide customers with a fast, reliable and interactive customer service at all times

What it solves

Live chat customer support can be expensive, repetitive and time consuming

Eliminates waiting times for costumer support to help your business retain customers and increase their satisfaction


T4MP AI solution speeds up content management by up to 10x. With the help of AI: tagging and product classification
happens automatically

All our solutions


Find best matches category

and product type

Products Matching

Products matching

and searching similar.

Clustering products

Computer Vision

Object recognition in photos 

and object classification


Products Recommendation

as a service



Chatbot for e-commerce

Chatbot for e-commerce

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Research Development

For you business

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