Computer Vision

Managing images is one of the most important tasks in E-Commerce

What it does

Able to instantly compare images with a group of other images inside the database and label items inside the images

Able to accurately and quickly process visual information and automatically detect objects within images

Automated image interpretation can greatly improve the quality and accuracy of the images on

your website

What it solves

Online stores rely on images to deliver information to their customers but manual image interpretation and labelling is a time-consuming and labour intensive job, it is also prone to human error

Our AI removes the need for human intervention and reduces the error rate in producing images to ensure that your customers get the best experience

Computer Vision

T4MP AI solution speeds up content management by up to 10x. With the help of AI: tagging and product classification
happens automatically

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Find best matches category

and product type

Products Matching

Products matching

and searching similar.

Clustering products

Computer Vision

Object recognition in photos 

and object classification


Products Recommendation

as a service



Chatbot for e-commerce

Chatbot for e-commerce

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