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Attract more sellers and boost your sales with AI

For marketplace two things are important:

Making great content to make customers want to buy it

New sellers attraction

T4 can help with both.

Boosting sales

Our AI services analyze a huge amount of data and help us understand the secret of top marketplaces. ​

Ever struggle against finding what you need in the navigation chaos? 

We know a lot about how to organize your category tree in the way it would be easy to understand how to find exact products your customers need

We analyze your products and categorize it in the user-freindly tree. Without your effort.

Give enough information for your customers to help them making a decision. Your customers don't have to go anywhere but your product card to find the information that is important for them.

Let AI organize your product cards to make it a piece of cake - we know exactly what attributes you need to fill to give your customers just the information they need and nothing more.

Attract more sellers

Do you know the main pain of sellers when they decide to expand on new channel?

It takes an enormous amount of time and nerves of steel to keep up with the evolving requirements for every new sale channel. Help them with a great onboarding process that does everything for them without any of your effort.


T4 categorizes and fill out their products to fit your structure.

Make it fast and painless for them.

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